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Healthy Habits Challenge (Click Submit After Each Question)

Healthy Prayer and Bible Study Habits practiced this past week?Tip: Healthy Prayer and Bible Study Habits build your faith and relationship with God (i.e. talking and listening to God)
Have you practiced healthy rest/sleep habits this past week?Tip: The more hours one sleeps before mid-night, the better.
Have you practiced healthy nutrition habits this week?Tip: Whole food (i.e. fresh fruit, fresh vegetables, nuts, beans/lentils, wholegrains-wheat, wild rice, oats, etc.) is healing food for the body.
Have you practiced healthy water habits this past week?Tip: Pure water is the best way to naturally to detox the vital organs of your body
Have you practiced healthy exercise habits this past week?Tip: Moderate walking, strengthening exercises for 15-20 minutes plus cardio/aerobic workouts, including seated exercises, for 30-45 minutes 3-5 days per week may produce the best health benefits for your body at any age. For weight loss, you need 7K-10K or more average daily steps..
Have you practiced healthy fresh air and sunshine habits this past week?Tip: Going outside to taking deep breathes and exhaling in fresh air can reduce your blood pressure. Also the best source of Vitamin D is from sunshine before 10am or after 2pm)
Have you practiced healthy habits for building positive relationships this week?Tips: There are several ways to build healthy relationships with others to show you care, including: positive and regular communication, expressing appreciation, acts of kindness, encourage someone through text, email, phone call, virtual or porch/curbside visit, etc., share helpful information, mail a greeting card, share/deliver a thoughtful gift, take them a healthy meal or invite them to join a small group with you, and more)
Have you practiced healthy habits for personal (self) care this week?Tip: Setting aside time for personal (self) care is essential for your mental health. Daily routines for relaxation, recreation, personal care/hygiene and other activities can positively impact your overall wellbeing. Try to take at least some time each day for self-care to to recharge and improve overall wellbeing.
How many healthy habits have you practiced this weekHealthy Habits contribute to your wellbeing (Prayer, Bible Study/Reading, Rest, Nutrition, Exercise, Relationship Building/Acts of Kindness, Positive Feelings)