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Emergency Prescriptions

The previous chapters offered prescriptions for “chronic disease” and are intended to give the struggling Christian a lifestyle of habits that, if built into the fabric of life, will make you able to resist temptation. While they will not make you impervious to Satan and the struggles of life, they will, if they become ingrained habits and a way of life, make you stronger. Such long-term prescriptions will help you over the routine temptations, the ones you expect and know about, the ordinary garden-variety temptations that should not and do not come as a surprise. But what about the unexpected attack? What about the out-of-the-ordinary incident that shakes you to the core and tempts you in unexpected circumstances and situations? The temptations that come upon us without a moment’s warning? Now what does one do? 

It is my hope that the emergency prescriptions outlined here will strengthen you in such moments of crisis.